Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My Family History

At present I am held up trying to trace the following births -all in Yorkshire, England.
  1. John Haigh born around 1798 in Penistone, Ingbirchworth or Hepworth.
  2. Frances Wood born 1798-1801 in Penistone or Thurlstone. She married John Haigh on 23 June 1822 in Penistone.
  3. Thomas Routh born 1801 in Aysgarth, Gayle. He married Catherine Bell on 5 June 1830 in Aysgarth.

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  1. my name is ian thomas haigh im 28 yrs old and was born in the town of barnsley south yorkshire.
    some where at my dads house i have a quite detailed family tree going back to at least the 1800's ill see if i can dig it out as im sure somewhere along the lines both trees will join.